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Stephanie R.
I started looking into cleaning services as we were moving out of our rental house and I wanted the place cleaned properly prior to returning the keys to the realtor.  Although it was evening, Dave came right over to provide an estimate which was very reasonable. He and his team arrived promptly and immediately got into the work.  This was a cheerful group too!  Excellent work product and I would recommend them.  The house was nicely cleaned, the floors were vacuumed (and I have 2 long haired cats) and cleaned well, including the stairs.  Bottom line: I would recommend them for superior work, excellent service, and fantastic rates.  My proof?  I got my full deposit back without breaking my back!
Yolanda R.
I've very recently gotten married, but until shortly ago, being single, housekeeping was not a big concern. Honestly, I just didn't give a damn. Not that I was a pig, but the day to day cleaning...well, you get the idea.

So, I determined to get it done for me from time to time. A friend had heard about First Choice Maids, so I gave them a try. I have to admit to being very happy and satisfied with the service. Rates are much more reasonable than the quotes I got from Molly Maids, Merry Maids, etc. Quick, efficient, very friendly, pretty much any day of the week was ok with them, days or evenings, never late, never any hassle or problem, and very trustworthy. I couldn't ask for better.

If you find yourself needing help with the daily/weekly/monthly chore of cleaning, I really do recommend these folks.
Laura J.
We've been looking for a competent house cleaner for a while now.  We have 2 dogs in a home that seems to collect dust constantly no matter what we do.  We've tried 1 or 2 other services but never came away satisfied with the quality of the work or the time it spent them to do the job. First Choice Maids has been the best of the services we've tried - a man & woman came and cleaned our approx 2000 sq. foot house in approximately 2 hours with beautiful results.

The price was good too with the 'special' coupon they had - I liked them enough that I'm interested in giving them a call to see what their regular prices are like.
Bill J.
I hate cleaning windows. And I'm too old to climb on ladders to clean gutters. Called up David, he came right over & did both. I'm sure I'll call him again once my wife has more honey-do's!
Eloise P.
'll keep it fast, in keeping with the speed with which First Choice Maids made our home sparkle. Easy to schedule; arrived on time; did what we asked for; and did it well. Our home was cluttered and messy, they did an outstanding job!
Erin W.
I found First Choice Maids when they placed flyers at our building about 3 months ago. I wanted to do something nice for my boyfriend for our anniversary and had them come out. We have been hooked ever since, now they come twice a month.
Tam D.
I'm too damn lazy to clean my own house, so I have First Choice Maids clean it for me once a month.  They have 2 ladies come clean our house and it takes them about 2.5 hours. Thye do a great job. When my parents came in town, my nit picky mom even commented about how nicely organized and clean I managed to keep it. Little did she know!  :-)

The prices are reasonable in my book. I once had a guy come clean and charge me only $20 per hour. I thought "what a deal!" until I ended up having to re-clean the kitchen floors that night. Live and learn. When First Choice Maids makes a visit, everything is absolutely clean. All nooks and crannies, mirrors, tiles, baseboards, etc.. as it should be. Highly recommended if you are lazy like me, or have better things to do than clean.
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