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Mark J.
Called up First Choice Maids to clean my old apartment after I moved out. It was the end of month & needed to be cleaned the following day so I could turn in the keys. Karen told me she had a full schedule for the day I wanted, but said they could meet me in 30 minutes if I'd like! They did a great job, and got me my full deposit back - which I've heard is just about impossible from this landlord. Will I use them again? Absolutely!
Bradley J.
Last Mother's Day gave my Mom a clean home done by First Choice Maids. She liked it so much, she now has them come every 2 weeks. I've had their 'Spring Cleaning Services', and I know I'll use them again.
Jessica B.
I used First Choice Maids for a hard core cleaning job at the end of the summer. The two person crew spent a good four hours cleaning and I was very impressed with the job they did.  My granite counters were like glass they were so clean.  And that clean house smell was the best. I don't think my house had ever been that clean before.  Something about the supplies they use, I guess.
Lauren T.
I have used First Choice Maid for more than a year, and they do a great job! I moved here from DC and compared to the service I got there, this is cheaper, they do a better job, and there is evidence of caring in their work.
Danielle G.
I was transfered to SD about almost 3 years ago, I was looking for a good reputable cleaning service that would work inside the loop. I called First Choice Maids and scheduled my first cleaning on New Years Eve and they did a fabulous job. I now have my town home cleaned every 3 weeks. The same crew cleans my home each visit which I like since I have a dog & cat who are now familiar with them when they do come.

They once broke a vase and left a note and then followed by a phone call from Mel the customer service rep letting me know I could fax over the receipt for a new item and they would reimburse me the cost of the broken item. I thought that was a definite plus to continuing business from this company.
Sharon A.
Their cleaning services are impeccable. No spot of dust was left to be seen. They got all of the fans, bathrooms, carpets, every corner was spotless.

Since they work fast and efficiently they are out of my house in about 2 hours. My time is money and these guys saved me both.

Ellen speaks fluent English so no worries about a language barrier. If you are looking for someone for a one time cleaning job or a long term maid service, make it First Choice Maids !
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